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Getting Started/Examples

Building Mirah

Getting started with Duby and MongoDB

You can create a Duby class and use it in your Java code. It’s because “Duby is Java with Ruby syntax”. And it?s wonderful.

Also Mirah runs well on Google App Engine. Check out the examples/appengine code in the github repository.
Working demo of examples/appendinge:

Here is a web framework written for duby:


Some jruby related links: #jruby

Rubyconf 2009 Presentation :

Related Programming Languages

Here’s some others that are most similar to mirah:

  • groovy++ is an attempt to have static (compiled) groovy (jvm).
  • scala is something of a mix of ruby, java, and some improvements, like built-in actors for concurrency (jvm).
  • D D is like C but with closures, et al (non JVM).
  • Go language: Go is essentially a compiled (typed) dynamic-looking language with some extra concurrency constructs built-in (non JVM).